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Strategy and performance

Our strategic planning documents detail our priorities, key activities and performance indicators that shape our future strategic direction. Our performance is reported in our Annual Report.

Strategic plan

Our strategic plan identifies the objectives, strategies and actions for OTA and the DonateLife Network for the next 4 years and performance measures against which our progress will be reported.

The plan is developed in consultation with the DonateLife Network leadership team, state and territory health departments, and OTA staff and is endorsed by the OTA Board.

We review and update our strategic plan annually. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of the strategies and actions in terms of progress, to identify changes in circumstances, needs and priorities, and to update the plan to ensure it remains relevant and practicable.

Corporate plan

Our corporate plan outlines how the OTA operates, including:

  • our purpose
  • the environment in which we work
  • our risk oversight and management systems
  • our planned performance and how this will be measured and assessed
  • our capability.

The plan is updated annually.